Art Gallery

We don’t have much more time here in Buffalo before leaving for rotations and since it was a bit cooler and rainy we decided to check off an indoor activity on our summer bucket list.  After Parker’s morning nap, we spent our afternoon at the Albright Knox Art Gallery; near Delaware Park and Elmwood Village in Buffalo.

Parker was completely wide-eyed looking at all the different paintings.  We would walk him right up to the pictures and he would study all of the bright colors.  He’s been really into babbling and changing his voice lately and he also discovered that it would echo against the spacious walls throughout the gallery.

Parker’s favorite exhibit were the ink bubbles.  He went to each frame and examined each one very carefully..then of course, wanted to touch them.

By the time we left the art gallery the rain seemed to clear up.  Parker was napping in his stroller so Brandon and I walked around Delaware Park…a beautiful park in Buffalo that Brandon and I used to go to during our pre-Parker days.  Who would have thought that the next time we’d be there we would be pushing our baby around with us.  We ended our afternoon with a stroll down Elmwood for some coffee, for me a chai latte and Brandon a black coffee and of course we shared a huge chocolate chip cookie, while sweet Parker held my hand 🙂  Perfection.