Update Part 1

I’ve been getting some emails about my post breaks and I’m so so sorry for this 3 week blogging hiatus!  We’ve been pretty busy around here lately.  After returning our trip home to NY I’ve had a hard time finding the time to catch up on real life and getting back into our routine.  We were only gone a week but it seems as if Parker is a different, smarter, bigger “little” boy since we’ve been back.

Lets recap the last few weeks in pictures:

These are some phone photos from our trip to NY

Parker and I took a walk with Miss Danielle and Miss Madison on a nice warm day at home.  Parker playing with Miss Bianca at Nana and PopPops.  “Good morning, groggy Parkerman.  Is that Grandpa holding you?!”  and finally Parker playing in his gym at Grandma’s while sitting in his Bumbo.

Wide-eyed Parker in his jumper at Grandma’ while Mom attempts to dry her hair…Parker didn’t approve of my hairstyle that day.  Parker being held by Uncle Steve, looking at his friendly fish.  Just hanging with Grandma.  Being completely exhausted from the week and falling asleep in Grandma’s arms.

Parker absolutely LOVED being with his uncle (and his fish tank)!  I’ve never seen my brother with a baby before and it was so nice to see him handle him so well and really bond with Parker throughout the week.  It was their first time ever meeting each other and you could really feel the love between the two of them.  Any time Parker got a little fussy, my brother never even hesitated once to take him and hold him for a while.  Being held by Uncle Steve means Parker is all smiles 🙂

Here’s Parker with Grandpa.  They spent a lot of time together that week doing things like playing the keyboard, relaxing on the couch and having a ticklefest in his crib in which I heard Parker laughing out loud in another room (cutest sounds I’ve ever heard).  I’ve never seen my dad so happy.  Man I love this kid.

We had breakfast at my mom’s one morning and my Aunt Rachael and Grandma came to meet Parker.  We’ve been having a good time reading the books that his great-grandma brought over and my 17lb baby is well on his way to growing into the clothes Aunt Rachel brought him.

How cool are all of these kids?! Katie, Danielle and I have known each other since kindergarten and there we were sitting at lunch with children of our own.  Weird, huh?  Spending time with these girls might be one of the only reasons I’d want to live back on the island, to get that quality friend (more like family) time and watch our kids grow up together.

PopPop and Parker.  Probably one of the cutest sights in the world.  I couldn’t believe my grandpa got on the floor to play with the little man.  My grandma did the same, it’s too bad I didn’t get any pictures of it.

Parker’s in love with a giraffe named Sophie.  I know, I thought the same thing as you but no gimmick here folks.  This teether was bought for Parker by my brother and it has been the only one that P-meister wants to hold onto while chewing and squeezing.  She’s even in his arms while he’s sleeping.  It was love at first sight.  **My brother was shirtless in the background…looked a little weird in the pic so he got blurred :)**

Needless to say, our trip was exhausting but enjoyed for all parties involved.  Lots more to come in part 2…


4 months old

Today I’m celebrating being a mom to a 4 month old!  I love being your mommy 🙂

Stats: 16 (ish)lbs 25 1/2 inches

Your hands and fingers are always in your mouth.  You don’t like to be in any position for too long (more than 2 minutes).  You like sitting in the front of your stroller.  You love hockey (Daddy told me to write that).  You’re getting used to being in your car seat and you like when someone sits in the backseat with you.  Your favorite time of the day is your bath.  Books get you really excited.

Some of your firsts:

3 months 14 days: 1st time sitting in the front of your stroller, 1st time watching a hockey game with Daddy

3 months 16 days: 1st Easter, 1st time rolling over from back to tummy

3 months 21 days: 1st thunderstorm

3 months 27 days: 1st full belly laugh! (It made me cry because it was the best sound I’ve ever heard)

See Parker at (1 month, 2 months, 3 months)

Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom

“Mother – that was the bank where we deposited all our hurts and worries.”

Dear Mom,

It’s that day again where I’m able to officially recognize you for all you’ve done for the past 25 years you’ve been on mom duty.  This year it’s extra special because I now know what it feels like to be a mom.  I’m now able to put myself in your shoes and know what you’ve felt for us all of these years.

The message here is simple.  I love you.  The extent is not.

Being a mom is a difficult job.  You don’t get paid to change poopy diapers, drive your children around wherever they need to be, be a mom of a teenager that expresses their angst every moment they can, or deal with a daughter that is trying to find her way in the world.  I’ve tested your patience but you’ve handled it pretty well.  I believe we’re only given what we’re able to handle and with that being said, you’re a darn strong woman.

Nothing is smooth sailing but when things get tough, I know you always see the best in me.  At the end of the day, I know that no matter what happens, you love me and support me with everything that I do.

Happy Mother’s Day!  I appreciate everything you have done for me in the past 25 years and for just being in my life.



Happy Foodie, Hello Green Smoothie

Brandon and I may eat enough food for a family of 4 between the 2 of us but I do feel like we eat pretty well.  Despite the fact, I’m always looking for new ways to add more veggies into my diet.  I’ve been seeing these green smoothies everywhere so I decided to give these nasty (but, oh so yummy!) looking things a try.  I’m still new at this so I decided to change my green ingredient each day to change the taste a bit.  I’ve been drinking this as my mid-day snack and I’m addicted!

Recipe #1

1 1/2 cup baby spinach

1 ripe banana

6-7 strawberries

spoonful of peanut butter

enough water to cover all fruit and veggies

blend for about 1 minute until smooth

Recipe #2

1 1/2 cup kale (blanched first for 2 minutes)

1 ripe banana

5 strawberries

1/2 cup blueberries

enough water to cover all fruit and veggies

blend for about 1 minute until smooth

Recipe #3 (much thicker than the others)

1 avocado

1 ripe banana

6 strawberries

1/2 cup blueberries

a pinch of sugar

enough water to cover all fruit and veggies

blend for about 1 minute until smooth

Welcome Babies!

My lovely friend (and super-mom in Dominica) Chelsea from …yours truly welcomed her twin boys into the world yesterday morning!  Baby A weighing in at 4lb. 3oz. and Baby B weighing in at 3 lb. 15 oz.

Just want to let you know that we’re thinking of you, girl!  Hoping you have a fast recovery and those baby birds grow quickly and healthy, out of the NICU and home with their family asap!

…Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ok, yesterday wasn’t that bad but it was filled with lots of frustration on Parker’s part  (Exhibit A).  I had all the intentions of blogging but instead the day was taken up with lots of crying and grunting and finger/teether chewing (Exhibit B/C) and not napping and and excessive drooling and wanting to be held every second and not wanting to be put down and lots of spit up and 6 outfit changes.  I ran my fingers over his little gums and I can feel some bumps see some little white teeth just waiting to pop through.  It’s obvious that teething is the culprit for all of his fussiness.

Exhibit A

 Exhibit B

Exhibit C

You think it was a coincidence that I ate an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s (at least it was frozen yogurt) last night after we put Parker to bed?  I think not.