Photo Dump

Longest stretch in between posts ever.  I’m sorry for being a bad blogger but our days have been so packed that if I get on the computer once a day it’s amazing.  Here are some random photos from our first 10 days home in Buffalo.  Parker’s christening and his first playdate with his friend Nathan are exciting enough for their own posts.  Those are to come in the next few days.

My beautiful family sitting outside on the swing after Parker’s Christening.

Hanging out with Aunt Kelly and Aunt Lindsay.

Probably my new favorite pictures of Parker.  Here he is sitting on a grass like a big boy 🙂  Where did my little baby go?

Practicing blowing out candles on Aunt Lindsay’s 25th Birthday.

Playing with his blocks on the grass.

Brandon’s Father’s Day present from Parker.

Just chillin’ with Grandma and Grandpa…

…and Great-Grandma Jean and cousin Alex.

Loving when Aunt Kelly feeds and plays with him.

Sleeping on mama.


Goodbye Miami, Hello Buffalo!

We’re here in Buffalo, safe and sound.  We made it through our 2 1/2 hour plane ride.  Not without a little fussiness but nothing a 30 minute cat nap couldn’t take care of.  Parker’s exhausted.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I wake up before he does in the morning.


Next step, Brandon and his dad start the 24 hour drive tomorrow and for me…learning how to live with Parker and Jude (the baby and the beast). Any furry-friend lovers have any advice as far as dealing with aggression around children?  Please help.  We’re desperate.


Last night Brandon and I were going through his phone pictures of Parker and it really put into perspective how much he has seen and grown since being home in Buffalo last.

Here is Parker in the airport about to leave for Miami

Here is Parker in the airport today, sitting in his stroller like a big boy, coming home from Miami


Girls Night Out

For my last hurrah in Miami the girls and I went to our ol’ faithful, Blue Martini in Brickell where we sat at our usual table with our usual waitress and drank our usual drinks and we had SUCH a good time!  It might have been one of the best nights in Miami EVER..and that’s saying a lot since there were so many others.

Lets just say the night consisted of Stef and I singing on stage with a live band in front of 200+ people with Lauren as our trusty cheerleader/photographer.  Take a look at all of the awesomeness.  **Sorry about the terrible lighting**







Nom Nom Nom…

Someone found his toes and thinks they are oh-so-tasty!

I promise you that this kid has clothes, and lots of them!  Why is he always naked?!  I’m not really sure.  It’s just that he’s the happiest when his clothes are off.  If he’s ever fussy I know that if he’s sans onesie or diaper then he’ll turn into a happy camper.

T-2 days till our departure from Miami and fly home to Buffalo.  # of bags packed=0

And….last but not least…

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