Week Recap in Phone Photos, Easter & Sabres

 We try to get out of the house as much as possible although some days are easier than others.  It’s crunch time for Brandon who is taking the COMP in about 2 weeks so Parker and I went to the mall with Stef while trying out his new Ergo carrier (which is awesome by the way!!!) and trying on some comfy TOMS.  Black or Green. size 7. Mother’s Day May 8th. Just sayin.

Spent most of the day at home on Tuesday…here’s Parker hanging out on his new play mat while watching his fave girl Kelly Ripa in the morning and waking up from a nap to work on some tummy time.

We’re so lucky to live right by such a nice park.  Anything you could ever want to do at a park – baseball, soccer, kayaking, boxing, tennis, fishing, equestrian center, dog park, you name it, it’s there.  It’s super quiet during the week which gave Parker and I plenty of options as to which tree to lay under – we chose the perfect one where he looked up at the sky and eventually fell asleep.

Milk happy baby. Ran the track with my hubby and baby after a delicious dinner by moi. nom nom nom

Parker’s first hockey game.  Sabres vs. Flyers game 5.  LETS GO BUFFALO!  This is my child staring at the TV literally watching the puck across the screen.  He didn’t blink.  Didn’t move for a second.  Nothing could break his concentration.  I’m told its a “guy thing”…oh how bad I want a little girl one day!  I’m out numbered right now.


Went to Parker’s favorite place this morning – South Beach- for some breakfast with our roomies.  We wished we could spend Easter with our families at home but french toast and bottomless coffee with our little family really made my morning 🙂

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