Facebook Fail

So this is a serious overlook on Facebook’s part. We all know there is a section in your personal information where you can edit and list your family members, whether they have Facebook accounts or not (for example: those who wouldn’t have an account would be your children). More recently, however, Facebook has added another family member to be added as “expected child” and with the due date. Here’s where it’s flawed. When the due date comes around, even if you have not had the baby, Facebook automatically posts to your page that you had the baby on that day!

I get a phone call last night from my grandparents congratulating me on having the baby (when in reality I have not yet) because family members have called them telling them that they saw on Facebook that I had the baby. I was so taken back and mortified by the whole thing because first of all, my computer is broken and I do not check my Facebook as often as I did before therefore I didn’t realize why that was posted to my page and I was fuming that my family thought it was ok that I didn’t call them if, in fact, I did have the baby and that they found out on Facebook (an issue all in itself).

June 11th has come and gone and still no baby. We’re still waiting for this baby’s arrival and if you’re someone that is part of our lives that we would communicate with BESIDES Facebook you can count on hearing about the baby some way NOT on Facebook…probably more normal like a phone call.

Expectant moms beware so you don’t get caught off guard like we did.

And if there is anyone who really wants to keep in touch with us, find a way to get our phone number and learn how to use a phone to communicate because there will be a major cleanup on our “friend list” real soon.

Our Week in iPhone Photos


New favorite morning spot. Parker loves to fit his little body into whatever small space he can find.

Helping Daddy put together his new kitchen.

And after it was all put together he was very busy the next morning making “breakfast”.

Claiming the armrest at story time.

Our friends Katie, big brother Maddox, and baby Jaxon stopped by for lunch. We ate pizza and Parker practiced being a big brother by giving Jaxon lots of hugs and giving him his pacifier when he wanted it.

Since when do we have the big kid at the park who likes to get pushed as high as he can go on the swings?

Made a pit stop at the dog park. An absolute must on the walk home from the playground.

Someone was sooo excited while on their way to Playtime! Brooklyn

That someone also didn’t want to leave and every time Mommy said to get his shoes on he would throw himself back in the ball pit.

Daddy taught Parker how to climb this ladder now he does it all my himself.

Bath time! Rock ‘n Roll style.

Poor baby woke up with a fever so slept most of the day.

Waiting for the Dr.

Parker napped for 3 hours this day so I took full advantage.



I finished knitting Kieran’s hat. I’m fully aware that it’s June but I like my air conditioning.

Waking up from naptime with some cool hair.

Pretty sure I need a pedicure but who really knows since I haven’t been able to see my feet in 4 months.

Grandma’s here! And will be here till after Kieran arrives. We’re sooo thankful for all of her help and Parker is loving having someone new around here.

Waiting Game


With baby boy #2 coming in a few days I thought it would be a good idea to start up the blog again after yet another way too long hiatus. I expect that the coming weeks and months will be the most exhausting (our boys will be 17 months apart, both in diapers, Parker runs around everywhere yet still wants to be carried when he’s tired, nursing the baby, figuring out new nap routines…) but we cannot be more thrilled to welcome this baby boy into our little family and there is just something about Parker being a big brother that tugs at my heart strings.

As far as an update over the past 8 months goes, you’re getting the quick version.

Lets start with the whole reason we live in Brooklyn to begin with – medical school/rotations. Brandon has been working his butt off and has finished ob/gyn, family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, is currently in the middle of surgery and has done really, really well in each of them – without a break in between. I really don’t know how he does it.

We’ve met some really great friends since we’ve moved here. They’ve really shown us the ropes as far as raising a family in a city/small space goes. How we all met was so random and where we’re from is so different yet we’re so similar and get along so well. It’s so nice to know that there are people close to us that we can trust Parker with. We just adore them. And Parker is particularly fond of little miss Elizabeth.

Parker update. He seriously has so much “cool” pouring out of him that he doesn’t know what to do with it. He’s funny (and boy does he know it!). It’s rare for anyone to get a laugh out of him but his smirks and giggles let us know of his approval. His language has just exploded recently and mimics everything we say. I was reminded of this when I dropped something in the kitchen the other day, said “oh shoot!” and heard a little “shoot!” come from the bedroom. We really have to watch what we say around him.

His new favorite things are: Elmo, “running” (he thinks he’s running if he yells when he walks), “jumping” (never gotten air, ever. But he thinks that the longer he bends down then the higher he jumps), carrying around his baby, saying “shhhh!” when he goes up to the bassinet, making different animal sounds like moo, bahh, grrrr, bowwow, meow, quack, neighhh. Included in his weekly schedule is story time at the library where he loves singing and picking out his own little chair. On Fridays we go to a playgroup at a nearby church where this past week he felt brave enough to go in the ballpit all by himself. He thinks he’s too big for the baby playground now and insists on climbing the chain ladder to go down the big kid slide by himself (daddy taught him that) and he also thinks he’s big enough to run on the basketball courts (while yelling “ba-ballll!!!”) with the teenagers to play with them. I can tell he’s really excited to be a brother. He may not not what it means entirely but he’s really interested in babies and he’s really just one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever known I know he’s going to be great.

As for me, I’m just anxiously awaiting this little boy’s arrival. Everyone asks if I’m ready, I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. This past week has made me pretty emotional thinking about how the days pretty much consisted of just Parker and I and I’m really going to miss some of those times. You think becoming a mom won’t change you too much but it does. I’ve learned a lot about myself and our family over the past 17 months and I know it’s just going to get that much better with the two of them.

11 Months Old

Stats: 24 lbs 29 inches

Some of your firsts:

10 months 9 days: 1st haircut

10 months 16 days: 1st Thanksgiving (you ate all of your mashed potatoes and turkey)

10 months 20 days: 1st time standing alone

10 months 25 days: 1st wedding (Lauren and Patrick’s and you were the ring bearer)

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10 Months Old

This past month was huge for you, Parker.  You’ve learned to crawl which means you’re much more mobile than you were before.  It’s been a busy month with visitors coming two different weekends and since you LOVE being around people and are this social butterfly, you absolutely loved it!  The teething process is finally happening, we’re just waiting for that first tooth to pop through.

Stats: 23 lbs 28 1/2 inches

Some of your firsts:

9 months 3 days: 1st time crawling

9 months 14 days:  1st time pumpkin picking

9 months 15 days: 1st time pulling yourself up on furniture

9 months 23 days: 1st Halloween (you were a monkey), 1st time you found out you were going to be a big brother!

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