Cloth Diapers

The idea of cloth diapering has crossed my mind a few times since having Parker.  The kid has massive blow out poops once, maybe even twice per day and just the chance of cloth diapers not holding everything in and then having to use an expensive cleaning service to clean the diapers just scared the crap out of me and are the main reasons why I chose disposables in the first place.  A few friends of mine have gone the eco-friendly route and I couldn’t understand why.  After doing a ton of research, blog reading and asking a lot of questions, I have decided to take the plunge and cross over to the world of cloth diapers.  Here are the reasons why:

Cloth diapers are healthy for our environment.  This is my number 1 reason simply because it can take anywhere from 300-500 years for a single disposable diaper to decompose.  We try our best to recycle and I have a hard time justifying us throwing away anywhere from 10-12 diapers per day is actually helping us do just that.

You save an incredible amount of money – somewhere around $2000 a year.  Lets face it.  We have no money.  We live off of student loans.  If this will save us any amount of money, I’m all for it.


They are MUCH easier to use than I originally thought.  Using a cleaning service is no doubt more expensive and I have also read that the chemicals they use to clean the diapers are not so great for my baby’s sensitive little bum.  Rinsing in cold water and washing the diapers in the washingmachine with hot water will suffice.  Modern day cloth diapers no longer call for safety pins-most are either velcro or snaps.  Baby poops, take out the insert, place another, spray poop off of the dirty insert, throw in wet bag, wash.  So easy 🙂

Maximum comfort for baby.  Like I said there are no pins involved and since we are using diapers with snaps there is no velcro rubbing against Parker’s delicate skin.  Babies are in diapers every single day for about 3 years so why not make them as comfortable as possible.  The more comfortable baby is, the less cranky baby is and that equals a happier mommy and daddy.