5 Months Old

I can’t help but say to myself every single day how big my baby is getting!

Stats: 18 lbs 27 inches

You are the sweetest little boy I know.  This month has been a substantial one for you in terms of milestones.  You have started consistently rolling over to reach for toys, turn around when you hear Mommy or Daddy’s voice, or just to look around.  You are FINALLY enjoying car rides a little more, we think because you have learned to entertain yourself more than you did before.  Your favorite sounds to make are “Hiii” (we always say “hi” back), fake coughing, and screaming as loud as you can because it tickles your throat.  We’re working on you sitting up by yourself and so far you’re doing great!  You can sit for a few seconds then eventually face plant into a pillow.

Some of your firsts:

4 months 1 day: 1st trip to LI, 1st time meeting Uncle Stephen and Bianca, 1st visit to Grandpa’s/Nana and PopPops and Grandma’s

4 months 2 days: 1st time meeting Mama’s friends Miss Danielle and little Miss Madison

4 months 4 days: 1st time hanging out with Miss Katie and Mr. Maddox-man himself.

4 months 11 days: 1st road trip (to Key West!), 1st time eating rice cereal

4 months 20 days: 1st time eating fruit (bananas which you love!)

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