Moving Day!



And we’re off!  We’ll be driving through the night tonight so Parker can sleep during the long drive to Brooklyn.  We probably won’t have internet for a few days but keep a look out next week for some updates.  Next time I post it will be from our beautiful Brooklyn living room!







The Next Step

For a while now, 2 1/2 years to be exact, we have been moving around and haven’t lived near many family and friends so I initially started this blog to keep those people updated on our life and it eventually turned into a digital baby book for Parker.  Since we’ve lived at home for the last 3 months while we’ve been waiting for rotations to start, a.k.a. Medical School Limbo, it’s been tough to write on the blog since everyone already knows what’s going on – my lame excuse for my sporadic postings.  Well, we’re making our big move this weekend to Brooklyn which means lots and lots of updates coming up!

Yea.  This is my kid and he has the most beautiful soul (and eyes, and nose, and lips, and chin).  You can also bet your bottom dollar that we have this photo blown up for one of our brand spankin’ new walls.

Brandon made the trip downstate this past weekend on a 9 (err, more like 12) hour train ride.  His orientation was today, first OB/GYN rotation tonight from 8pm-8am.  This is his only week of overnights for this rotation and it’s kind of nice that he’s doing it while Parker and I are still at home.  # 28,957 why my husband is so awesome: he volunteered to be the leader of his team for the entire 6 weeks rotation, which requires some extra work, just to ensure that he has off this weekend to help my anxiety-ridden bum move all of our stuff into our apartment.  Ugh I love him!

Note: this photo was taken during a little 2 week stunt Parker likes to call “Operation – I will not sleep in my own crib throughout the night and I will be awake all night until Mommy and Daddy let me sleep with them and then I can sleep while they stay awake all night”.  Globs of concealer under my puffy eyes say it all.

Seriously, there is way too much coolness pouring out of this little 8 month old body.  Some of Parker’s new tricks include: clapping, waving, cruising around his whole crib, babbling as if he’s actually saying something really important, impersonating Mr. Rogers.

We have had so much luck furnishing our apartment!  I can’t wait to post pictures of our DIY projects when they are all set up.  Coming soon…


8 Months Old

We’re a few days late with this post.  Oops!  Yesterday was spent recovering from our week long “vacation” of trying to find an apartment in Brooklyn (which was near impossible but found the gem.  Just sayin’).  You’ve become pretty attached this past month.  You notice when someone looks at you while you’re playing, your arms go up in the air and instantly want to get picked up.  All day long it’s “Dada da dadada da DA DA”, I see how it is 🙂  You’ve started taking steps while holding our hands and you are so proud of yourself.  You love to climb all over us when we play with you on the floor.  No teeth yet but I think they’ll be making an appearance soon (I know, I’ve been saying that for months)

Stats: 21.5 lbs 28 1/2 inches

Some of your firsts:

7 months 1 day: 1st time at an art gallery, 1st time walking Elmwood Village, 1st time to Delaware Park

7 months 5 days: 1st time watching a Bills game with Daddy

7 months 24 days: 1st trip to Brooklyn

7 months 28 days: 1st time waving to Mommy, 1st time flying a kite

7 months 30 days: 1st time eating meat

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