What has changed?

There must be something in the (Dominican) water because I don’t think I have enough fingers and toes to count how many pregnant friends I have at the moment.  It’s truly amazing.

Of course I thought about it since the start of my pregnancy but wondering how my life was going to change was a recurring thought towards the end.  And since I’m already crazy anxious, you can just imagine how I must have felt.

So for all of my fellow anxiety-ridden preggos out there, here are a few ways that I’ve noticed that in 3 short months, my life has changed since becoming a mama…

  • I think this is obvious but I did not know what exhaustion was until my baby was born and was up every 20 minutes throughout the night.  And although I’m beyond exhausted, I still find the energy to go about my day and take care of my family.
  • Forget about me, every moment from the second Parker was born until forever and always will I be thinking and worrying about him and his well-being.
  • I feel like I have this super-mom power where my love is absolutely boundless and I have an inner strength that I never knew I had.
  • I have been forced to become a “morning person” and I love it.  There is so much more I can get done in the day.
  • I see my parents differently now and respect them in a whole new way.
  • Seeing Parker’s smile makes me so happy I could cry.
  • Showering has become a luxury.
  • I hold my body to the highest regard possible.  For 10 months it kept my precious baby safe and provided him with nourishment to help him grow strong enough to live outside of it.  It bounced back (not exactly but pretty close) to it’s pre-Parker shape WAY quicker than I had ever thought and for 3 months has been supplying Parker with enough milk to keep him healthy (and has helped make those chunky legs that I just want to sink my teeth into!)
  • I don’t care if I’ve turned into that mom that only talks about her kid.  Right now, to me, my family is the only thing that matters.
  • When I see myself, I see Parker.
  • I have realized that whatever I thought I gave up to have Parker doesn’t seem like a sacrifice anymore.  I would do it all over in a second.
  • Having Parker “better”ed our life.  His presence is captivating – unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.
Savor every single moment!