My Anniversary Gift

It was the most flawless day spent with my husband and baby at Niagara on the Lake.  A quaint little town in Canada, about 45 minutes from us.  Each and every house is beautiful, the hotels are immaculate, the main street is lined with charming little boutiques and ice cream shops.  This picture was taken during our lunch on a hill with Fort Niagara in the background.  It reminds me of Dominica.

“One more night, gimme just one more night…”

So does that song.  Rossies, you know what I mean.

Parker couldn’t have been in a better mood.  He napped the entire car ride across the border each way.  He hung out in his stroller all day while Daddy and I window shopped.  Brandon was also in need of a new wedding ring since the original one that was bought in Dominica was not cutting it anymore.  I guess he was tired of the tape that was keeping it on his finger.  He bought a beautiful celtic ring and if you know my husband then you know that it fits him perfectly.  The only upset we had all day was that I forgot a spoon to feed Parker his fruits and veggies.  He ate the food right off my finger and didn’t say boo.  Have I said how much I love this kid?!

Thank you Brandon and Parker for such an incredible day.  We’ve had a lot on our plates lately (um…moving to Brooklyn in 2 weeks and still need an apartment!!!) and I’ve been super stressed.  Just getting to have the day to relax with our little family really rejuvenated me.  I love you both so much!


Love is…

  • Doing the little things throughout the day that make my day easier without me knowing (ex: moving my keys to the spot where I’d find them instead of the random place I left them)
  • Doing countless more middle-of-the-night diaper changes
  • When I call him out for not listening and then him repeating back every word
  • Thanking me for making dinner every night and telling me how delicious it is…even when he has a glass of milk ready in hand to gulp down after each bite because I made dinner wayyy too spicy
  • After coming home from a long delayed flight he has the blankets on the bed already folded over on my side so all I have to do is get in and sleep
  • When I hear “…on Monday, he ate through 1 apple.  But he was still hungry.  On Tuesday, he ate through 2 pears…” and baby giggles coming from the other room while I’m taking a bath

What I’m really saying is, Brandon’s been rocking his husband socks this past year.  Rock on my love!

This post is long overdue (May 23rd).  Happy 1st Anniversary!

Lets take a look back at our day.

And here was my “paper” gift to my husband.  A painting of our tree of life with our vows.

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