Friends Forever

Brandon and Angie have pretty much been friends since before they were born (their moms met while they were pregnant with them).  They were born 2 weeks apart.

Angie and I found out we were pregnant at the same time with the same due date.      Baby Nathan and Baby Parker were born 3 days apart

Does it get any cuter than that?  I didn’t think so.

Play dates are rare since we don’t live in the same area but whenever they visit Buffalo we try to get together and I absolute LOVE seeing these two together!  Parker learns so much from watching someone else his size.  It’s so fun to watch them because they make the same noises…lately their new thing has been raspberries…and movements.  My favorite thing was watching them play with each other’s toes.

Baby Nathan’s daddy is also in medical school and the next step for both of us is another big move.  We hope they end up someplace close to us so we can have more play dates in the future!




My Anniversary Gift

It was the most flawless day spent with my husband and baby at Niagara on the Lake.  A quaint little town in Canada, about 45 minutes from us.  Each and every house is beautiful, the hotels are immaculate, the main street is lined with charming little boutiques and ice cream shops.  This picture was taken during our lunch on a hill with Fort Niagara in the background.  It reminds me of Dominica.

“One more night, gimme just one more night…”

So does that song.  Rossies, you know what I mean.

Parker couldn’t have been in a better mood.  He napped the entire car ride across the border each way.  He hung out in his stroller all day while Daddy and I window shopped.  Brandon was also in need of a new wedding ring since the original one that was bought in Dominica was not cutting it anymore.  I guess he was tired of the tape that was keeping it on his finger.  He bought a beautiful celtic ring and if you know my husband then you know that it fits him perfectly.  The only upset we had all day was that I forgot a spoon to feed Parker his fruits and veggies.  He ate the food right off my finger and didn’t say boo.  Have I said how much I love this kid?!

Thank you Brandon and Parker for such an incredible day.  We’ve had a lot on our plates lately (um…moving to Brooklyn in 2 weeks and still need an apartment!!!) and I’ve been super stressed.  Just getting to have the day to relax with our little family really rejuvenated me.  I love you both so much!

Art Gallery

We don’t have much more time here in Buffalo before leaving for rotations and since it was a bit cooler and rainy we decided to check off an indoor activity on our summer bucket list.  After Parker’s morning nap, we spent our afternoon at the Albright Knox Art Gallery; near Delaware Park and Elmwood Village in Buffalo.

Parker was completely wide-eyed looking at all the different paintings.  We would walk him right up to the pictures and he would study all of the bright colors.  He’s been really into babbling and changing his voice lately and he also discovered that it would echo against the spacious walls throughout the gallery.

Parker’s favorite exhibit were the ink bubbles.  He went to each frame and examined each one very carefully..then of course, wanted to touch them.

By the time we left the art gallery the rain seemed to clear up.  Parker was napping in his stroller so Brandon and I walked around Delaware Park…a beautiful park in Buffalo that Brandon and I used to go to during our pre-Parker days.  Who would have thought that the next time we’d be there we would be pushing our baby around with us.  We ended our afternoon with a stroll down Elmwood for some coffee, for me a chai latte and Brandon a black coffee and of course we shared a huge chocolate chip cookie, while sweet Parker held my hand 🙂  Perfection.

7 Months Old

You are 7 months old today, muffin!  My happy, loving, sweet, funny, caring, beautiful baby boy…you light up mine and Daddy’s life.  Your big gummy smiles brighten my day. every. single. minute.  You are all gas, no brakes!  You are turning into such a little boy right before our eyes.  You are SUCH a good eater!  Loving all fruits and tolerating most vegetables.  You’re favorite thing to do lately is to make rumbling noises with your mouth, it’s when we moving our finger up and down your lips as you babble.

Stats: 19.5 lbs 28 inches

Some of your firsts:

6 months 3 day: 1st race (and you won medal!)

6 months 9 days: 1st weeklong vacation (to Sherkston Beach)

6 months 11 days: 1st time in a swing at the park

6 months 13 days: 1st time at a water park

6 months 15 days: 1st time to Niagara Falls (with our good friends Erin and Pierce)

6 months 20 days: 1st time pulling yourself up in your crib

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