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Facebook Fail

So this is a serious overlook on Facebook’s part. We all know there is a section in your personal information where you can edit and list your family members, whether they have Facebook accounts or not (for example: those who wouldn’t have an account would be your children). More recently, however, Facebook has added another family member to be added as “expected child” and with the due date. Here’s where it’s flawed. When the due date comes around, even if you have not had the baby, Facebook automatically posts to your page that you had the baby on that day!

I get a phone call last night from my grandparents congratulating me on having the baby (when in reality I have not yet) because family members have called them telling them that they saw on Facebook that I had the baby. I was so taken back and mortified by the whole thing because first of all, my computer is broken and I do not check my Facebook as often as I did before therefore I didn’t realize why that was posted to my page and I was fuming that my family thought it was ok that I didn’t call them if, in fact, I did have the baby and that they found out on Facebook (an issue all in itself).

June 11th has come and gone and still no baby. We’re still waiting for this baby’s arrival and if you’re someone that is part of our lives that we would communicate with BESIDES Facebook you can count on hearing about the baby some way NOT on Facebook…probably more normal like a phone call.

Expectant moms beware so you don’t get caught off guard like we did.

And if there is anyone who really wants to keep in touch with us, find a way to get our phone number and learn how to use a phone to communicate because there will be a major cleanup on our “friend list” real soon.

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