9 Months Old

In your short 9 months of life you have moved 3 times, within 2 different states.  We are finally settled in our Brooklyn apartment and you are going to be such a little city baby.  You wave at everyone that passes by on our walks throughout our neighborhood (including those homeless men that hang out at the park…Stranger Danger!!)  Since we’ve arrived here you have become much more mobile.  Your days consist of pulling yourself up on our coffee table and circling it about 75 times throughout the day.  Your favorite game is peek-a-boo, you love your bathtime with Daddy and going to the park to play on the swings with Mommy.

Stats: 22 lbs 28 1/2 inches

Some of your firsts:

8 months 2 day: 1st time clapping

8 months 15 days: 1st fever (103.4!) it was a reaction from the flu shot

8 months 16 days: 1st time waving

8 months 18 days: 1st time your meal consisted of only table food (chicken, potatoes, applesauce, banana)

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8 Months Old

We’re a few days late with this post.  Oops!  Yesterday was spent recovering from our week long “vacation” of trying to find an apartment in Brooklyn (which was near impossible but found the gem.  Just sayin’).  You’ve become pretty attached this past month.  You notice when someone looks at you while you’re playing, your arms go up in the air and instantly want to get picked up.  All day long it’s “Dada da dadada da DA DA”, I see how it is 🙂  You’ve started taking steps while holding our hands and you are so proud of yourself.  You love to climb all over us when we play with you on the floor.  No teeth yet but I think they’ll be making an appearance soon (I know, I’ve been saying that for months)

Stats: 21.5 lbs 28 1/2 inches

Some of your firsts:

7 months 1 day: 1st time at an art gallery, 1st time walking Elmwood Village, 1st time to Delaware Park

7 months 5 days: 1st time watching a Bills game with Daddy

7 months 24 days: 1st trip to Brooklyn

7 months 28 days: 1st time waving to Mommy, 1st time flying a kite

7 months 30 days: 1st time eating meat

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