3 months old

I have a 3 month old!  Oh. my. gosh.  The days are going by so fast and Parker just keeps getting bigger, smarter and funnier with each one that passes.

Stats: 14lbs 24 inches

You look at everything and take in everything that you can.  You prefer to sit up as opposed to sitting down.  I’ve been calling you a “drool monster” – we think you might have started teething.  You like to suck on your hands, sometimes even your forearms.  You don’t like your car seat very much.  You feel like you don’t need naps but you like to sleep at night (!!!) and you like to sleep on your side.

Some of your firsts:

2 months: 1st cloth diaper

2 months 2 days: 1st time napping with Mommy in bed

2 months 4 days: 1st time you were clearly trying to use your arms and hands to grab

2 months 9 days: 1st St. Patty’s Day

2 months 12 days: 1st time in pool

2 months 14 days: 1st time sleeping through the night

2 months 17 days: 1st time rolling over (from tummy to back)

2 months 22 days: 1st time being left alone with someone besides family (Thank you Aunt Lauren and Uncle Patrick)

2 months 30 days: 1st cold and 1st time wearing shoes

See Parker at (1 month, 2 months)




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