1 Month Old

Parker, you are 1 month old today!  There are some things you did this past month that some people don’t get to do in their lifetime.  Every day I look at you it amazes me how much you are learning.  I am so proud of you!

Stats: 10.4 lbs 23 inches

You sleep and eat any chance you can…you even sleep while you eat and mommy has to try and keep you awake.  You’re a great sleeper, even during the night.  You’re a little jet setter.  You did great on your first plane ride, you love walks in your stroller and you love being in the car.  You don’t like when we stop at red lights though and can even anticipate the car coming to a stop.  You are very active and always moving, just like your daddy when he was little.

Some of your firsts:

45 minutes old: 1st time meeting Grandma & Grandpa B, Aunt Lindsay and Aunt Kelly

1 day old: 1st time meeting Grandma Debs

3 days old: 1st ride in the car, pulling in the driveway, arriving home.  1st time meeting Nana, PopPop, Grandpa Z, and Great-Grandma Jean

5 days old: 1st time at the pediatrician, 1st bath at home (you screamed the whole time!)

10 days old: 1st ride in our Moby Wrap to walk the dog (you slept and cooed the entire walk)

19 days old: 1st plane ride! (when we moved to Miami)

20 days old: 1st time Papa Bear read you a book before bedtime

21 days old: 1st outing at the park in your “Strolls Royce”

30 days old: 1st (of many) Superbowl party


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