2 Months Old

Happy 2 month birthday, baby!  You never cease to amaze me.  Just when I think you can’t get any cuter…you do!  You make the best facial expressions, ones that I was even able to capture on camera.

Stats: 12.4lbs 23 inches

You are staying up longer during the day (more time to play) and sleeping much longer at night (more sleep time for Mommy and Daddy).  You love to dance and listen to music with Daddy and watch Mommy make funny faces.  You smile and giggle when Mommy says “poopy-pants”.  We call you our little Houdini – no matter how tight we swaddle you at night you always find a way to bust out.  You like going for runs at the track so you can nap in the stroller.  You are so strong!  All you seem to want to do is stand, even if it means standing and burping.

Some of your firsts:

1 month 6 days: 1st Valentine’s Day (Mommy’s little Valentine!)

1 month 8 days: 1st time in a bathing suit, celebrating Mommy’s birthday, and 1st smile awake at Daddy

1 month 16 days: 1st time at the beach (with Grandma Debs on South Beach)

1 month 17 days: 1st visit to the zoo (with Aunt Stef and Aunt Ramey)

See Parker at (1Month)


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