It’s been a while since I posted anything.  It’s probably because we’re “recovering” from 2 busy weekends with visitors, trying to get back into a routine, Brandon had food poisoning/stomach flu (not sure what which one but whatever it was, wasn’t fun), the semester being over and back to studying for the COMP and USMLE.

Brandon’s sister (Parker’s godmother) jetsetted to Miami for the weekend.  We tried to keep it pretty relaxing…a day at the beach, which consequently began with a meltdown in the car while sitting in traffic causing me to pull into the first parking lot I found to get Parker out of his car seat – costing me $25.  Things started to look more on the bright side after having the most delicious french toast and bottomless coffee down on South Beach.

It was such a nice weekend being able to enjoy the weather (of course we took Lindsay to the infamous park) and sat poolside for some girl walk while Brandon and Parker had some bonding time of their own.  I sometimes forget where we live and how just getting some fresh air and Vitamin D can change the mood of the entire day.  I love seeing Parker with his Aunt!  She’s awesome – can put him to sleep like a champ!

And here you go folks.  What’s a post without some eye candy?!  Some of my latest phone photos.


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