1st of Many 4ths

We had fun with our family yesterday, spending time with both sides of Brandon’s family.  To Grandmother’s house we go!  Parker had fun with Daddy playing kickball, playing with his cousins on the grass and Mama got to eat Grandma’s DELISHHHH blueberry pie.


 Can I just tell you how much Parker loves just hanging out with the guys?  He’s not even 6 months old and I can already tell he’s Mr. Adventure aka mini-daddy.

Figuring that Parker’s bedtime is around 9pm you’d think that he would be asleep during the fireworks.  You’d think that, but you’d be wrong.  He stayed up until the very last second to watch the fireworks but pulled “kid on NYE trying to stay up until the ball drops” and fell asleep right before the finale.  He was amazed at the ones he saw though.  Here he is with Aunt KK waiting for the show to begin.  You can tell from his eyes how hard he was fighting to stay awake past his bedtime…little punk.



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