4 months old

Today I’m celebrating being a mom to a 4 month old!  I love being your mommy 🙂

Stats: 16 (ish)lbs 25 1/2 inches

Your hands and fingers are always in your mouth.  You don’t like to be in any position for too long (more than 2 minutes).  You like sitting in the front of your stroller.  You love hockey (Daddy told me to write that).  You’re getting used to being in your car seat and you like when someone sits in the backseat with you.  Your favorite time of the day is your bath.  Books get you really excited.

Some of your firsts:

3 months 14 days: 1st time sitting in the front of your stroller, 1st time watching a hockey game with Daddy

3 months 16 days: 1st Easter, 1st time rolling over from back to tummy

3 months 21 days: 1st thunderstorm

3 months 27 days: 1st full belly laugh! (It made me cry because it was the best sound I’ve ever heard)

See Parker at (1 month, 2 months, 3 months)


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