Flying with a 4 Month Old

Ok baby mamas.  I’m looking for some advice.

I’m flying home with Parker (alone) in about 2 weeks and I’m looking to see if anyone has any advice to make it a little easier.  I flew with Parker to Miami when he was 2 weeks old but that was easy – he was pretty much a little marshmallow that slept the whole time.  Now he’s much more alert, wants to keep moving around and changing positions and is much more vocal!

I know that nursing him on take off and landing will help his little ears but what if he’s already sleeping?  Would you wake him up to nurse or just leave him?…

Should I use my baby carrier?  I was planning on it but my concern is when he wants to move around, it won’t be as easy to get him in and out without an extra pair of hands (he’s a bit of a squirmer) and in such a tight space…

It will be about a 4 hour flight.  Any and all tips would be great!

Lets hope this is how Parker will be the entire flight…the other passengers will thank me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Flying with a 4 Month Old

  1. If he’s sleeping I wouldn’t wake him, at least I didn’t with Shane and his ears never really had a problem anyway. Don’t overpack your diaper bag, or you wouldn’t be able to get to everything you really need because you will have too much junk in there. And most of all, just relax. Parker will do just fine, and even if he doesn’t, people understand.

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