Diaper Review

So I posted a while ago that we ordered a few different kinds of diaper covers just for comparison.  Originally, I had ordered the Flip Diaper System and I absolutely love them!!  They’re a great fit for Parker, easy-to-use, and really affordable.  They come with either the Organic Inserts or the Stay-dry Inserts (which we have) and I also like these the best.  They seem to be the most absorbable although they are the most expensive.

I heard a lot of great things about the bumGenius 4.0 diaper so I decided to give it a try.  No bueno.  They’re about $1 or $2 more than the Flip Diapers and they seem to be a bit better quality but we don’t like them quite as much as the Flip Diaper covers.  The Flip Diapers have a flap in the front and back of the cover to hold the insert in place.  Once the insert is dirty, simply change it and reuse the cover.  The bumGenius diaper cover has only a flap in the back and a wide slot (almost like a wide pocket) to slide in the insert.  I never use it because I want to be able to reuse the cover and if I used the pocket then Parker would be getting the cover dirty as well so I just put the insert on top of the pocket, as I would the Flip Diaper cover.  I also find that the cover is a bit thicker, making Parker a little sweaty when he wears it.  Consequently, the bumGenius cover is the one I pick out once all the others are dirty.

I also ordered a Best Bottom diaper cover.  I didn’t realize that there are inserts specifically for these covers so I didn’t order them.  I still use the Flip inserts I have although they do not snap in as the Best Bottom insert would.  I find that this cover is the biggest out of all of them.  Biggest, meaning giving Parker the biggest cloth diaper butt I’ve ever seen.  Some of his pants don’t fit over them.  Pros- they do have a double elastic edging around the legs for extra leak protection and they come in lots of fun colors!  The Best Bottom diapers are my go-to cover for overnights.

Now to the inserts.  Like I said, the Flip System Stay-dry inserts are my favorite.  I took the advice of another blogger that recommended the Bummis Organic Cotton Prefold Inserts.  They are the most economical I have found – 6 prefolds for $16.  They’re super soft and surprisingly absorbent (when I first got them I was a little skeptical since the middle panel is pretty thin).  We’ve been using them for a few weeks now and after I wash them I dry them on low in our dryer and I’ve noticed that they have shrunk significantly.  They still work well but have not kept their shape.  Because of this I definitely feel that the Flip Stay-dry inserts are worth the money.



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