Which Diapers To Choose…?

No blowouts, no stained clothes, fast washing…I’d say that week 1 of our cloth diaper experiment has been going very well!

We received our order of the Flip Diaper System earlier in the week.  It came with 2 diaper covers and 6 stay-dry inserts.  So far we love them.  They are OS (One Size) snap diapers that adjust as he grows.  I was afraid of him having this huge diaper butt but they are actually very slim and fit perfect.

As far as leakage goes, the covers are waterproof and the form fitting elastic around the leg area prevents it.  I’ve been wanting to order a few more covers but it’s a little hard to find.  You can’t order them straight off of the Flip Diapers website although the website does give you a list of suppliers, online and retail stores by state.  Even though we really like these I ordered a few different covers just to compare and decide which ones we want to use.

Our box came with 6 stay-dry inserts.  You can fold them over for sizes Small, Medium or Large, with the flap either in the front for boys or the back for girls.  Compared to the prefold inserts we also have, these are MUCH more absorbent but they are also MUCH more expensive.  1 stay dry insert= $4.50.  I just ordered Bummis Organic Unbleached Prefolds as suggested by another blogger.  6 infant size prefolds=$16.00. I’ll let you know how they compare to the others.


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