Friday Roundup (on Saturday)

This is just how I work.  My first Friday post for this blog and I am posting it on Saturday. Oh well, at least the intentions were there.  M’baby is finally down for a nap (after trying for an hour) and I have some time to tell you about our week.

Hubby went into school on Monday to take his 5th semester midterm (which he rocked btw!).  While our boys were hard at work, the girls (+Parker) got up and out early for a day on South Beach.  A beautiful 84 degree day with a breeze.  After they finished their test, Brandon, Patrick and Martin (charming spouses of Lauren and Stefanie) met us down at the beach.  I love days filled with sun, friends, music, salt and vinegar kettle cooked chips, and a corona in hand.  How can I not love life right now?!

Beach day with Daddy

Enjoying the day with our friends

Brandon and Martin (our hipster-glasses wearin’, fellow Dominican medical student, spouse of Stef, roomie) are on rotation this week at the Emergency Room.  Thursday night was their overnight shift 9pm-5am, but sshhhh….don’t tell anyone, they were actually home by 11:30pm thanks to one of the super nice doctors 🙂 Today is their last day in the E.R., working a shift from 7am-5pm.  I’m sure Brandon feels like he is back at his old stomping ground – hopefully with a little more knowledge this time around.

While Brandon was at his “overnight” shift at the E.R. Thursday night, Stef, Lauren, Ramey, and I (+Parker) had a little get-together at Ramey’s apartment since she is leaving Miami due to a family emergency.  Since none of us are sure where we will be doing clinical rotations, we’re also not sure when we’ll see Ramey again.  We love you Ramey! We’ll all miss you.  Try and enjoy this time with your family and we’ll keep you in our prayers.

Parker is getting bigger and more observant everyday! We’ve noticed this week that because he’s more curious about his surroundings he isn’t sleeping as much during the day, which inevitably causes him to be an overtired Mr. Crankypants.  So this week we’re starting a more routined naptime: after his first morning feeding around 8:00am he’ll sleep for another 20-30 minutes, his big nap around 11:00am-ish for 1 1/2-2hrs, then another nap around 4:00pm for 30-40 minutes or so.  I didn’t just make up these times, he just happens to get tired around these times throughout the day.

Lots to look forward to in the next couple of days.  Two of our good friends from Dominica, Erin and Carolyn, are visiting Miami!

I hope everyone has a great weekend 🙂


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